6 DIY Bathroom Renovations Tips


Need to renovate your bathroom but don’t want to hire professionals? Considering the bill you need to pay for an expert who will fix your bathroom, it is understandable if you would prefer to go solo. Do-it-yourself renovations will not only save you money but time as well. But still, it all depends on your skill, spare time and budget.

DIY bathroom renovation tips

If you need some help, we have compiled the DIY bathroom renovation tips from Smart Style Bathrooms that are easy to follow. Read on!

Plan for shower storage

Instead of settling for in-shower storage, opt for ceramic tile shelving installed in the shower corner. This will complement any attractive bathroom design and won’t knock off your bathe stuff.

Hang a mirror

A stylish mirror over a sink will add allure to your bathroom. For a better bath experience, you can pair it with adjustable make-up mirror and lighted shaving mirror installed in the shower stall.

Make use of accent tiles

While accent tiles are expensive compared to ordinary ones, it adds character to your restroom. To avoid high charges, you can just use accent tiles as a border. By doing so, your design will be a notch higher compared to the design common tiles can offer.

Build a shower area

If you want a well-designed shower area, apply the open-concept in building one. It is less locked up and does not require a door or curtain, cutting your expenses in the process. More so, install a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead as it splashes less water, thus keeping the spot outside of shower area dry.

Update the lighting

Never forget this because it will look so weird that you have your bathroom remodeled but the lightings were not changed. Use light fixtures that would complete the aura of your room and would provide better illumination. Installing dimmers will also work for your restroom.

Go Green

Going green will help you save money while doing something good for yourself and the environment. Eco-friendly products are chemical-free, functions better, have unique design and do not consume much electricity. Other than buying green products, you can also go green by painting your bathroom instead of flipping it in a landfill.

If in case DIY bathroom renovations are not enough to help you remodel your haven, contacting companies specializing in bathroom renovations is a good option. They provide best recommendations in renovating bathrooms and transform it into something really beautiful.


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